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1552 The herbal medical shop ”Huaideju”(Named “Wonder Dreams” now) was founded.

1952.10 Xiamen Cod Liver Oil Factory was established.

1958.8 Xiamen Pharmaceutical Factory was established.

1982 Veytalo Tablets of Lvdao brand received the “State Silver Medal”

1983 Cod Liver Oil Emulsion won the “State Silver Medal”. Tremella cod liver oil was awards the Quality Management Award BY State Pharmaceutical Administration; Vitamin E capsules were regarded as high-quality products in Fujian Province.

1985 Fei’er Syrup won the “Golden Deer Award” for national’s daily necessities.

1986 The Company was regards one of “the First Enterprises in National Medical System” and an “Advanced Group”

1992 Xiamen Xingsha Enterprise Corporation Ltd. Was established.

1994 Shouwu Chuangxiling Capsules and Feier Syrup were rated as excellent traditional Chinese medicine.

1999 Shouwu Chuanxiling Capsules received the “Certificate of Protected Varieties of Chinese Traditional Medicine” issued by the State Pharmaceuticals Administration.

2000 The trademark of “Xingsha” was appraised as a Famous Trademark of Fujian Province; Chuanxiling Capsules were recognized as the “Key Products” to Promote by the World Institute of Chinese Medicine.

2004.12 Xiamen Xingsha Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. was established.

2008.2 Xiamen Xingsha Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. completed its strategic relocation.

2008.10 Xiamen Xingsha Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. reconstructed its development strategies, as well defined the enterprise as “a production and operation enterprise of vitamin preparations and modern marine drugs.” 

2010.2 Xiamen Xingsha Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. started “Fei Sha Projuct”, dedicated to marketing of paradigm shift.

2011.11 Xiamen Xingsha Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. reorganization , setting up Sinopharm Xinagsha Pharmaceuticals(Xiamen) Co., Ltd.